Our History


History of Behroufaran Co.:
It was 25 years ago when afew veterans of printing and packaging Ink industry came together to form Behroufaran Company with a mission to produce specialized Flexo and Roto printing inks, based on European Formulation and know how, which was later realized through purchasing of most modern machineries with cutting edge technology from Germany and Switzerland, and additionally securing licensing agreement with a well-known ink manufacturer, Rotoflex of Switzerland. Soon after, Behroufaran Co. established itself amongst the top producers of printing ink mainly due to diligence and dedication of managers and personals, overseeing many aspects of daily production, and also due to the presence of extensive research and R&D facilities with a highly professional R&D team, who directly control the physical and chemical properties of ink made in our factory. The latter, in particular, has given us an ability to tailor make our ink for individual customers who have unique ink application in mind, which in turn reduces the technical and chemical problems of ink application, and also enables each customer to get the job done in the quickest and most efficient way possible.
With this continued trend and immediate success in the market, we quickly found that we need a bigger production space since the demand for our inks had greatly increased and it was no longer possible to service our customers effectively. Therefore, we decided to move and secure a production place in Caspian industrial state in 2010, securing more than 20000 M2 of land with 10000 M2 of working space, where we are currently present and servicing our customers on daily basis.
Throughout all these years, Behroufaran has enjoyed and maintained a close relationship with all of its customers and has been more than willing to give out help and assistance whenever it was needed, and we think that is why many of our customers regard Behroufaran and its team as a part of their own production facility.

Finally, we believe in manufacturing the best quality inks, giving the best services to our customers and growing our business by growing their business ventures. We think that this is the only way to go forward, maintain our market share and be a proud member of Iran’s packaging Ink industry.