PolyEthylen (PE)

Product Behroufaran

Product Specifications

  • Serial Code: PE
  • Serial Name: PolyEthylen
  • Printing Method: Flexographic and Heliogravure
  • Printing Material: PE
  • Thinner: Isopropanol (or ethanol) : Ethyl Acetate (2:1--->3:1)
  • Retarder: Methoxypropanol
  • Accelerator: Ethyl Acetate
  • Printing Viscosity: Flexo 22-25 Sec (ford  cup mm in 25 °c), Helio 17-25 Sec (ford  cup mm in 25 °c)
  • Mixing Varnish: PE Varnish
  • Adhesion: Excellent
  • Gloss: Excellent
  • Heat Seal Resistance: 140-160 °c
  • Chemical Resistance: Very Good
  • Lamination: Suitable
  • Shelf Life: one years in closed vessel. several inks such as metallic ink and reflex blue have defined time to store . for more information please connect to our technical department
  • Description: Heat seal resistance could be increased to 180 °c by additive.